We have several psychologists who work to enable people to develop greater self awareness, make positive changes in their lives and improve their capacity to resolve emotional, personal and relationship issues.

Counselling Services are offered for issues such as:

Mr Patrick Marando

Specialties: Psychologist
Our psychologist, Patrick Marando, gives people access to a vast range of expertise and is dedicated to maintaining high levels of commitment and standards of training whilst following high levels of ethical and professional conduct.

Mrs Deborah Hinz

Specialties: Psychologist

Deborah Hinz Consultant Psychologist and has worked in a variety of different settings including private practices,psychiatric hospitals such as The Hills Clinic Hospital, neurostimulation clinics and non-government organisations. She has experience working in individual and group therapy settings. Deborah is a registered NDIS provider and a SIRA Workcover Certified Psychologist.

Ms Nina Camitsis

Specialties: Psychologist
Nina has been in clinical practice for over 25 years. She has experience with a broad range of psychological presentations, offering a range of evidence-based intervention strategies.  Nina has consulted with several psychiatric hospitals over this period, and has also worked with emergency services, and police, locally and internationally. She has also consulted to universities and faith-based organisations. Nina is passionate about working with people in highly stressful roles, be they entrepreneurs, professionals, or first responders. She also loves to work with early adults experiencing the impact of developmental trauma.

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