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At Bites Health Clinic we believe that everyone has the ability to change their lifestyles and take control of their health. At Bites, we find you an enjoyable, easy way to do that. We are all real people who love food and exercise. We are also in the know with the latest food and exercise science. We combine both to help you find a way of living that you love and that helps you reach your health goals!

Chantelle Wardini

Specialties : General and Sports Podiatry
Chantelle is truly committed to health and nutrition from both a professional and personal perspective, taking an active interest in healthy cooking for her friends and family and regularly engaging in physical activity. At Bites, she provides her clients with caring and individualised nutritional and exercise advice to help them best achieve their health goals.
Being a business owner and parent, Chantelle has always understood that time is valuable and she loves figuring out ways to help you manage your health more simply and practically. Chantelle works closely with your GP and often Chantelle’s clients are able to reduce diabetic or blood pressure medications that they have been taking for years through developing tailored food and exercise plans.
Chantelle graduated from Sydney University and holds a degree in Exercise and Sport Science as well as a first-class honours degree in Nutrition. She is an accredited member of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia as well as Exercise and Sport Science Australia. She is also recognised as an accredited Anthropometrist by the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry which allows her to proficiently measure and assess your skin folds and other body composition data.
She has worked professionally with numerous hospitals such as Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Westmead Hospital, Liverpool Hospital, The Hills Private Hospital, Norwest Private Hospital and Lady Davidson Private Hospital.

Chantelle has also worked with many individuals under both Private and CTP/Workcover/Life Insurance schemes to help them return to work and life following a significant work accident or illness such as an acute mental health episode, complicated surgical intervention, a cancer journey, or chronic fatigue diagnosis.

Outside of work, Chantelle enjoys spending quality time with her partner Jaron and her daughter Isla, keeping her cardiovascular system healthy playing soccer, working on her strength through pole fitness, going to the beach, and spending time with her Black Labrador, Preston. Chantelle understands that life is dynamic, demanding and different for everyone and as such offers diet and exercise solutions that can be easily adjusted to fit your lifestyle.

Chantelle’s Dietetic interest areas: metabolic health (including diabetes), cardiovascular disease (including hypertension, high cholesterol), sustainable weight loss, mental health, IBS, and sports nutrition (particularly triathlon/ironman nutrition). She is also proficient in managing other gastrointestinal issues such as Crohn’s, coeliac disease and food intolerances/food allergies. Chantelle has completed further studies in fertility and maternal nutrition as well as disordered eating and psychological factors that impact our food and exercise behaviours. Being a mum herself, Chantelle has both personal and professional experience in managing paediatric and infant nutrition including faltering growth, feeding issues, and food allergies/intolerances.

Chantelle’s Exercise Physiology interest areas: metabolic health (particularly type 2 diabetes), cardiovascular disease, sustainable weight loss, shoulder injuries (including frozen shoulder, bursitis, rotator cuff pathology), hip issues (including SIJ dysfunction, bursitis), knee injuries (including strengthening post-surgical interventions) and back/spine rehab (including long term management of disc and spine issues such as disc protrusion/spondylosis/arthritis/sciatica) and return to function post-surgery. Chantelle has also completed extensive further studies in pregnancy and post-partum exercise including management of diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and pelvic floor training.

Fiona Eberhardt

Specialties : General and Sports Podiatry

Fiona is a genuine and caring person who loves to make others feel welcomed and comfortable in her presence. Fiona embarked on the journey of Dietetics because she wanted to understand how food can be used to support, compliment and improve the lives of others. Fiona recognises that many factors influence people’s food intake and eating behaviours such as affordability, availability, access, social influences, and emotional wellbeing. She would like to help others improve their relationship with food and personalise any services to suit each individual’s needs.

Fiona gained valuable cultural experience through placements in the Solomon Islands and Hong Kong working with the local community and school students. Fiona’s professional knowledge and skills have been strengthened through her work and experience at Robina and Redlands Hospitals working with those on kidney dialysis, with cerebral palsy, malnutrition, diabetes, and paediatrics to name a few. Fiona also has experience at the Mater Brisbane Hospital working on a project to help implement a new framework for texture-modified foods and thickened fluids for those with dysphagia to increase patient safety. Additionally, she worked on multiple research projects in hospitals to help improve the dietary management for those with diverticulitis. Two of these studies have been accepted to be presented at the ESPEN conference 2019.

In her spare time, Fiona enjoys walking her dog at the beach or park, experimenting with recipes and enjoying a good coffee with friends.

Fiona’s main interest areas: IBS (low FODMAP and elimination diets) and gastrointestinal health (eg diverticulosis/diverticulitis), coeliac disease, PCOS, pregnancy nutrition, gestational diabetes, paediatric healthy eating, nutrition for older people, healthy sustainable weight loss, kidney disease, unintentional weight loss/malnutrition.

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