Skin Cancer Clinic

Norwest General Practice is an Australian Molemax Centre.

Our doctors perform skin cancer checks using Molemax digital dermatoscopy technology which allows superior detection of skin cancers and reduces unnecessary operations.

This digital dermatoscope magnifies a mole 30 times and uses specialised light to look through your skin to see the mole structure. This makes detecting melanomas easier and means fewer unnecessary biopsies and scar-forming excisions.

The Molemax computer permanently records and stores images of your moles for a permanent lifetime record. This means your moles can be monitored for change over the years.

Please inform the receptionist that you are specifically booking in for a skin check because it requires a double appointment.
Please do not wear make up or stockings.

After the doctor has examined your skin using the Molemax skin camera, he or she will discuss with you the most appropriate management plan.

Excisions, skin biopsies and procedures are performed at the surgery at a later date and usually requires a 1 hour appointment.